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Roadside Assistance Services in Los Angeles | We Will Be There Quickly To Assist You

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Roadside Assistance: We understand how frustrated it is to be staked on the road with a flat wire and no jack, with a dead battery, or an empty tank of fuel.

How can I get free roadside assistance?

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The frustration is higher, especially when you know the reason that has caused an interruption in your drive. A minor breakdown or inconvenience that could be solved quickly by a pro.

Who can I call for roadside assistance?

We are a top provider! Call us, the only thing we need from you is your location, and we will do the rest.

Battery Jump Start

Maybe you forgot your lights on and now can't start your car, perhaps you locked the keys in the trunk or a flat tire? We can be there quickly to assist you!

At Saar Shani Towing we are prepared to solve any roadside inconvenience. We are a team of professionals who cover the whole area of Los Angeles.

How much does it cost to call roadside assistance?

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Your Safety Is Our Priority!!!

Tire Change Service

Tires, batteries, fuel, recoveries, keys and more!

Roadside assistance is different than towing, the primary goal is to help you on the go at your location. Quickly change your tire or deliver fuel so you will be driving again. A good service will be able to face and solve almost any inconvenience that can affect your vehicle. That's the reason to offer a comprehensive array of services:

Tire change: changing a flat is a simple task, right? But, what happens when you are in the middle of the 101 freeway, or maybe the 405. Sometimes you just don't have a spare tire or don't want to get dirty... That's the right moment to call Saar Shani Towing. We'll be able to change your tires in minutes. You'll be back to the road in no time.

Jumpstart batteries: jump-starting a battery is one of those things that looks pretty easy, but doing in the wrong way can damage the electrical system. Also, you'll need another vehicle to jump start your battery or a portable kit, so you'd have to ask someone or wait for a good Samaritan. Calling Saar Shani will resolve it quickly. Our trucks will fit into any tight parking spot to give you a jump.


Car Lockout Service
Fuel Delivery Service

Lockout: closing the trunk or car door and leaving the keys inside by accident is one of the most common reasons to call a car locksmith (especially when your wallet or cell phone are inside). Don't try to open it on your own, make a quick call to our roadside assistance department. Our expert will be there on a whim to solve your problem, without causing any damage to the lock or car paint.


Winch out: driving through unknown roads or under some harsh weather conditions can involve some risk: falling into a small ditch, driving on top of a curb, getting trapped in mud, sand or any surface where the car has no traction, leaving you stuck and frustrated. Don't worry, call Saar Shani Services who has the right equipment to pull out your vehicle safely, without causing any damage.


Fuel delivery: being stranded in the middle of nowhere, far away from a gas station, late night or early morning, sounds like the best scenario for a terror movie. You don't have to wait for a friend to come all the way to you especially during traffic time. 


Why Saar Shani?


Available 24/7: no matter the time or place, we are willing to go wherever you are in Los Angeles. You can always count on us.We cover the entire Los Angeles area. Everywhere, without exceptions. We have on-call vehicles ready to go wherever you are.


No subscription: unlike other services that require an affiliation and a monthly payment, we only charge for the service provided.Fair prices: we offer competitive comparing to the market. We charge what is fair and won't take advantage of your emergency situation.Personalized attention: each client is essential, so you will receive the most careful, kind and polite attention.

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