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Towing Company in Malibu | Roadside Assistance Never Been So Quick & Easy

We provide roadside assistance and towing services in Malibu, using state of the art tools, equipment, and techniques to aid the residents and tourists when they experience problems with their vehicle. We can help with a broad range of problems, including vehicle breakdowns, tire changes, dead battery jump-starts, and much more. We have gained an honest reputation for being a reliable company, which is something we take much pride in.

Towing malibu

Malibu Towing Services | 24 Hours a Day | We Will Get You Back On The Road Quickly

The Saar Shani Towing team is composed of several professionals, all of which have a passion and dedication for helping out stranded and problem-stricken motorists in the greater Los Angeles area. We offer roadside assistance services in Malibu, as well as a range of other vehicle breakdown services which aim to get your car on the road again, whatever may be wrong with it.

Our experts have the necessary tools and training to tackle any problems which may present themselves via your vehicle, being trained to work on vehicles of all shapes and sizes. For example, we offer heavy duty towing services for trucks, trailers, semi-tractors and other large vehicles which may experience breakdowns and other problems.

Saar Shani pro's take pride in delivering stellar customer service, ensuring that customers remained comfortable and reassured throughout the entire roadside assistance process. A vehicle breakdown can be very worrying for certain drivers, especially if they feel vulnerable due to the area they are in or the time of day it may be. Our team understand this and prioritize our customers accordingly, ensuring that the most vulnerable customers receive assistance as quickly as possible.

When it comes to choosing a towing company, you want to choose someone who is going to offer you the world-class customer service that we offer you. It’s no coincidence that we have become one of the most widely recommended roadside assistance companies in Malibu by all the insurance companies – our satisfied customers have spread the word to their friends and family, enabling us to grow organically and serve more customers as a result.

We also offer a fully transparent pricing model, whereby we inform you of the full price over the phone (according to the tow distance) before you agree to call us out. Whereas some vehicle assistance companies may believe in deceptive “hidden fees” and charges, we believe that honesty is the best policy when it comes to pricing. Looking for an affordable towing company in Malibu? Get in touch with Saar Shani on 888-838-3570 today!

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