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Towing Van Nuys | 24/7 | We Will Be There Quickly To Assist You

The city offers all the wonders of sunny weather and the vibrant energy of Los Angeles at a lower economic and emotional cost. Van Nuys is a residential area with plenty of schools and a friendly and diverse community. The city is the perfect place for families who want a more relaxed environment to raise their children but do not want to lose all the advantages of living near a large metropolis like LA.

If you reside in Van Nuys then you'll need an emergency service that can assist you at the time and place you need. Trust in Saar Shani Towing, as we can offer you the confidence, quality, speed, and confidence you need. With just one call to our customer service number, you can count on the presence of a real expert who will offer you practical solutions.

Towing Services in Van Nuys, CA | No Clubs To Join, No Dues, No Hidden Fees - Flat Rates

Towing & Roadside Assistance Service Van Nuys

Roadside Assistance: Hearing a strange noise, seeing smoke coming out of the engine and stopping in the middle of the road is a nightmare. If this is happening to you, do not despair, call Saar Shani roadside assistance services. A pro will come to you, will make the diagnosis and tow your vehicle to the desired mechanic.


Towing in Van Nuys: We are THE specialists. No matter the distance, we are ready to transport your vehicle at any time, any day of the week. We work 24/7 and if your car is bigger than usual, do not worry because we also do medium and heavy duty towing.


Battery Jump Start:  It is not a simple task as it seems. Doing it wrong can cause a massive (and expensive!) damage to your car's electrical system. It is better to call the experts. We will revive your dead battery wherever you are and without causing any damage to your vehicle.


Flat Tires: We take care of flat tires in just minutes, even if you do not have tools or spare tire. We make tire changes on highways, at any time and in any place. Don't risk yourself, call us. 


Car Locksmith in Van Nuys: Don't let a stuck door, lost keys or a car lockout stop you. We are prepared to solve any emergency related to car locksmith, from a trunk lockout to a broken key. Our expert locksmith can open any car and replace any key. 

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