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Roadside Assistance & Towing Services in Northridge, CA.

Flat-Rate Service, No Clubs To Join, No Dues, No Hidden Fees

Towing in Northridge is one our main working areas. We provide towing along with many other forms of roadside assistance, such as jumps-tarting and tire changing. Our pro's have a wealth of experience in dealing with vehicle breakdowns in the area, combining their knowledge, tools, and cutting-edge techniques in order to bring consistent top-notch customer service and assistance to those who have broken down in the area.

We are a Northridge towing company who can provide assistance 24/7, including on weekends and holidays. A vehicle breakdown will always happen at the most inopportune moment, and we pride ourselves on being readily available all year round. Our availability provides our customers with a sense of ease; they know that they have a roadside assistance company that they can rely on 24 hours a day. We’re just a short call away at all times.

Our customer service team is trained to listen to your problems intently, allowing panicked customers to calm down and explain their problems to us accurately. The Saar Shani team is trained to work with people who have little mechanical experience, and will explain any technical processes to you in layman’s terms, enabling you to understand our work and catalyze the roadside assistance process.

Towing & Roadside Assistance

Cheap Towing Services in Northridge

We ensure that our services are competitively priced, making sure that we remain a key player in our field. While offering our services at affordable prices, we also do not sacrifice value, believing that affordable prices, top-notch service, and complete transparency are the perfect formula for a great business which keeps both its employees and its customers happy.

As well being a reliable towing company, we also provide services such as jump starts, tire changes, and car lockout services, enabling us to assist our Northridge customers in a myriad of different ways. Vehicle problems don’t come in a one-size-fits-all form, which is why our pros' are trained to administer a variety of roadside assistance procedures for motorists in need.

Looking for a reliable vehicle assistance company in the area? Get in touch with Saar Shani today. Our team is standing by to take your call, offering you a free quote which will allow you to make an informed decision. We’ll be there to help you as quickly as we can, so contact us now on 888-838-3570.

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