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Towing Services in Dallas, TX. | Roadside Assistance Never Been So Easy

Saar Shani Towing is a dedicated and professional towing service provider in the great city of Dallas. We have provided high-quality roadside assistance services in Dallas, TX, for several years now. They have come to respect our ability to respond to service requests quickly and professionally.
Vehicle breakdowns and accidents can happen out of the blue. You could be driving along in Dallas somewhere and unexpectedly have an accident or breakdown happen to your vehicle. The worst part is that you could be left in a dangerous and unfamiliar place without anywhere to feel safe. We understand this feeling because our customers experience it every day in Dallas.
Fortunately, you don't have to worry. Just call our emergency roadside service team at (888) 838-3570, and we'll have a qualified technician come to your rescue in Dallas. Our customer service operator will let you know how long it will take for the technician to arrive and what you should do in the meantime. We will be there to walk you through the entire process. You won't be alone with us looking out for you!

Towing Dallas

Dallas Towing Company

Local Towing & Roadside Assistance


A traffic accident or mechanical breakdown can leave your vehicle undrivable on the side of the road. In these situations, the only thing you can do is have a local tow truck operator transport your car to a safe location.


Saar Shani Towing operates a fleet of trucks all across Dallas. When you contact our office for assistance, we will dispatch the nearest vehicle relocation specialist to assist you as quickly as possible. Our response time is one of the fastest in the city.


Do you need to relocate a high-value sports car or luxury vehicle? Our vehicle relocation techniques are designed to ensure that no further damage happens to your prized possession during transit. Our team has the most innovative equipment and tools to keep your vehicle safe the entire time it is being transported to its destination.


Emergency Services


No one likes to be stranded on the side of the road in an unfamiliar spot. It can make you feel scared, alone, and stressed out. You might not feel comfortable leaving your inoperable vehicle behind either. The best thing you can do is contact our emergency service technicians to come out to the location where you are stranded. We operate a 24/7 roadside assistance service throughout Dallas. Whenever you need help with your vehicle, you can count on us to be there to assist you.


Jump Start Assistance


Our jumpstart assistance service can save you money from having to get your car towed. If your car battery has died for whatever reason, you can request for one of our emergency roadside technicians to jumpstart the battery for you. That way, you can get your starter motor and engine running again so that you can drive your vehicle to safety. It doesn't take longer than a few minutes to jumpstart a dead battery.


Tire Changes


Flat tires are often abrupt and frustrating. It is even worse if you don't have a spare tire in the trunk of your car. Fortunately, you don't need to have your vehicle transported somewhere else to get a spare tire. Instead, we can send one of our technicians to your location with a compatible spare tire for your car. We will even help you change the flat tire too.


Heavy Duty Towing


Our heavy-duty towing services are reserved for much more significant and heavier vehicles, such as tractor-trailers and trucks. These vehicles require a flatbed tow truck to move them around safely and flawlessly. We have the proper equipment, tools, skills, and towing trucks needed to perform heavy-duty transportation and relocation services in Dallas. Your heavy-duty vehicle won't have a scratch on it after we transport it to its destination.


Car Lockouts


Car lockouts happen when you accidentally lock your keys in the car or lose your keys altogether. If you need to regain entry to your locked vehicle, we can send an automotive lockout technician to assist you. There won't be any damage inflicted upon your car as our technician works to open the locked door. The entire process of opening a locked door does not take longer than a few minutes. The technician will come to you with all the necessary tools needed to perform the job.


About Saar Shani Towing


Saar Shani Towing is an experienced and renowned roadside assistance provider in Dallas. We always prioritize customer satisfaction above everything else. Our roadside assistance technicians are certified and licensed professionals who sympathize with customers and the stressful circumstances they face with their troubled vehicles. We work to ensure customers that their cars will be safe in our hands.


We are proud to have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Our dedication to providing 24/7 emergency roadside assistance has made us one of Dallas's most sought-after companies. If you ever experience vehicular issues, such as accidents or breakdowns, you can trust us to resolve the situation for you as quickly as possible.




Saar Shani Towing operates in several cities throughout the country, including Dallas. When you experience an emergency with your vehicle in Dallas, you can trust our team of emergency service technicians and towing operators to assist you promptly and skillfully. We have operators spread out over the city who can respond quickly to all customer requests.   

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