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Heavy Duty Towing Services

If you need to tow a truck, then you'll need to know if the company you are calling has the right equipment for the job, because trying to transport a large vehicle with a standard tow truck (a bus, for example) can cause damage to the structured vehicle. That tow truck may be able to transport your vehicle, but without the proper attachment and drag system, it can be harmful. You need to look for integral companies, capable of providing different types of services like Saar Shani. We have all the experience, equipment and knowledge necessary to do heavy duty towing.

What is heavy duty towing?

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Trucks have incredible power; they are capable of carrying very large and heavy cars and trucks. However, there are vehicles that, due to their dimensions and shapes, require the use of towing trucks and specialized equipment, which is capable of moving them with complete safety and without causing any structural damage. This professional heavy duty equipment is designed to be much stronger, bigger and more delicate at the same time, to guarantee a damage-free roadside experience.

Heavy Duty Towing

Vehicles That Need Heavy Duty Towing

By calling the Saar Shani service and saying what kind of vehicle you want to transport, our operators will be able to determine what type of equipment they should send to do the job. Different towing trucks and experts are required to attend these emergencies. However, it is worth knowing what kind of cars need a heavy duty towing service in Los Angeles. For us there is not a job too small or too big, we can take care of your compact car as well as large vehicles such as:

Semi-tractor trailers: Semi tractor or a single axle trailer requires specialized equipment with a custom hook to be able to move it safely. This type of vehicle requires experienced drivers, in order to be able to fix it well without causing structural damage.


Motor-homes/R.V: These vehicles are large and heavy, depending on their content, model, and shape. Many towing companies use heavy duty wheel lifts as well as an axle to tow motor-homes. In fact, the type of towing to use depends on the type of motor-home. For some, a special tow bar is required, with safety chains; while others need specialized supports. Call us; we know what to do.


Bobtails or big-rigs: these vehicles are massive, but should not represent any problem for heavy duty tow trucks. Most of the companies that are responsible for moving this type of vehicles use under-reach and wheel-lift capabilities, which guarantees a safe and straightforward grip, which will not cause any damage.


Buses: moving a bus is no easy task, but these large vehicles move quickly using the specialized heavy duty towing equipment that Saar Shani owns.

There is no work too big or complicated for Saar Shani  Los Angeles Towing Service because we have the professional staff, experience, and the best equipment. We work in the entire Los Angeles area, so do not hesitate to make the call. 

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