Wheel Lift Towing Services in Los Angeles, CA.

In June, we recently purchased a new wheel lift truck to expand and improve the towing services. Our constant expansion and innovation in our towing service ensure that we will provide a useful, efficient service. Our existing customers know that we know that we have all the tools and equipment to handle any towing job. More specifically we can provide this additional wheel lift towing service.

What is a wheel lift towing service? There are many motor-related scenarios as to when you may require our wheel lift towing service. It could be because your vehicle is inoperable, or it could because of an emergency situation. However, wheel lift towing Los Angeles is an effective and efficient way of safely towing your car. The best part a wheel lift tow truck is that it features a durable metal yoke that will securely fit on to the front-rear wheels of your car. This service has many advantages to transport or tow your vehicle safely, but most noticeably is that we can provide you with a quick, safe towing service. The wheel lift service will remove your car from any ‘tight' or awkward spots, especially if you require a towing roadside emergency. 

What Type of Towing in Los Angeles is Best For My Vehicle

Saar Shani Towing advises that this wheel lift towing service be ideal for any vehicles that have two-wheel drive. However, if you have a four-wheel drive car or truck, then we also a dolly service to transport your vehicle safely! Our wheel lift truck is equipped with a dolly, for the occasions that it may be required. The dolly can be used to transport or tow four-wheeled vehicles as they will ensure that the truck or car is secured and will protect the vehicle from damage. However, we do recommend that the flatbed towing service is optimal for these types of cars, mainly if our driver will have to tow the truck for long periods, even with the aid of the dolly. Saar Shani Towing strives to remain at the top in our field, and we do this through our recommendations and extensive towing services. 

The benefits of our wheel lift towing service:

We have briefly highlighted a few of the benefits of our wheel lift towing service. Please find the list of benefits of Saar Shani Towing's wheel lift towing service: 

  • The towing service is far more maneuverable which ensures the secured towing of your vehicle. Our drivers can also navigate through those tight and awkward spots. 

  • The towing hook up is extremely quick and is perfect to tow your vehicle over short distances.

  • Ideal for towing trucks 

  • The wheel lift truck will support the frame of your vehicle ensuring that it is towed with no damage. 

  • With that type of a truck, we are able to tow cars from low clearance profile garages, where flat beds won't fit.

We have well-trained drivers, and wheel lift technicians that will accurately position the brackets, and insert the pins. They are trained to provide quick responsive service. 

If you need a wheel lift towing service, let Saar Shani Towing help you! 
Saar Shani Towing is ready and available to help motorists in the L.A. district with our specialized wheel lift towing service. We do things differently at Saar Shani Towing but trust us that is not a bad thing. We are continually expanding and improving our towing services to be at the aid of drivers in L.A whether it is for an emergency, or non-emergency. We are delighted to provide our wheel lift towing service and rest assured that we are fully insured and licensed in this service, all the towing services which we currently offer. This service is available 24 hours, 7 days per week including holidays.


Call us today on 888-838-3570, and we'll be on our way as soon as possible!