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Flatbed Towing Services | Light & Medium Duty | 24/7

Flatbed Towing Los Angeles: Saar Shani is proud to offer a cost-effective, secure and efficient service for a roadside emergency, non-emergency or showroom contracting requirements. Our well-trained and knowledgeable drivers will take care of everything, from assisting with unloading the vehicles, or equipment safely. 

When flatbed towing is required

What is a Flatbed Towing (And Why It Is The Safest Tow)

The primary reason why this service was named flatbed is the appearance of the back of the tow trucks. This service is the most efficient and safe way to recover your vehicle and to ensure a secure tow. For us lucky enough to own a vintage or luxury vehicle, but unlucky enough to find ourselves stranded in the middle of the road on an emergency or non-emergency situation, we recommend our company. The reason for this suggestion is that our services can guarantee accident recovery and the safe transportation of your vehicle. 

We would be delighted to assist you on any occasion and hope that you will consider us the next time you find yourselves in need of assistance. You can rest assured that Saar Shani has well-maintained flatbed towing trucks, and are long enough to provide the space that will be needed to tow your vehicle efficiently. Not only that! We can even offer the safe towing of multiple cars. There may be instances where there are numerous cars involved in an accident or vehicle malfunction. If both owners utilize the flatbed service that we provide, it is an extremely cost-effective roadside assistance option. 

Our flatbeds in Los Angeles, CA. can capably tow or transport the following vehicles:

  • Exotic, classic, vintage cars

  • Showroom vehicles

  • Low-riding cars

  • Multiple vehicles 

  • Any vehicles with missing wheels 

  • Forklifts or heavy equipment

  • SUVs / four-wheel-drive vehicles

Flatbed towing

24/7 Flatbed Tow Trucks in L-A

You can trust that we have a competent flatbed towing service. 

Saar Shani flatbed trucks are vital to our service as they can help us to provide our A-list quality service, which exceeds all of our client's needs. Our fleet vehicles are of the highest quality and thus, extremely powerful.

Our fleet includes low-profile flatbed trucks that are designed with a decreased loading angle. The reason why we have these specially designed trucks is to ensure that we can provide our customers with an excellent towing service that caters to longer, low rising, or heavier vehicles. 

We know how to deal with an emergency roadside situation competently. We are extremely customer orientated and will help you feel at ease even in the worse types of emergencies. We understand that an accident or emergency can never be predicted, but Saar Shani, can and will be there for you. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the majority of vehicles and only use the latest towing equipment and cars. 

If you need a flatbed tow, please let Saar Shani know! 

Our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days per week, including holidays. Saar Shani is there to help you in an emergency, so please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team. Call us today on 888-838-3570, and we'll be on our way as soon as possible!

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