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Battery Jump Start Services | A+ Rated

We are available 24 hours a day for a jump start service in Los Angeles!

A simple mistake as leaving the lights of the car on during the night can completely drain the battery of your car and leave you stranded anywhere. In this case, there is a very simple solution: Car jump start - That is a relatively simple process, in which electric charge is passed from one battery to another, just enough to allow it to start and finish recharging by using it. It seems simple, but it is a delicate process that should be done only by experienced people, such as the staff of Saar Shani Towing Services.

Battery Jump Start & Replacement

Why do batteries discharges?

  • Little or no use. Having a car stopped in a garage for a long time without turning it on would discharge the battery.

  •  Very low temperature. Cold temperature affects the composition, making it last few time.

  • Electrical failures. 

  • Hidden electrical consumption, such as a Bluetooth or sound devices that are not turned off.

  • Leaving the lights on.

Things you should know before attempting Car Jump Start:

If the process of battery charge start is done improperly can result in serious damage to the vehicle's electrical system. It is important that, if you are not sure how to do this, leave it in the hands of experts such as Saar Shani Towing, who can arrive in just minutes to help you start your vehicle.

The first point to keep in mind is that the battery of the car used to jump-starting and your battery must have the same voltage. Trucks usually have 24-volt batteries, while smaller cars can have 12-volt batteries. Be careful. On the other hand, it is essential to check the polarity of the battery before making the connections, as there are old models of cars that have it backward.

If you need to jump an electric car, we can help. Most electric vehicles have two batteries, one of them is a regular 12V car which can be quickly jumped and get you back on the road. Hybrid cars can easily be recharged as well.

Why should you call us to help you with a battery jump start?

Because it is safer: Although the process seems simple, a minimum distraction can cause damage to the electrical system of both cars. An expert, like Saar Shani Towing Los Angeles, has the right equipment in addition to the knowledge to do it safely, without risking the integrity of your vehicle.

We have the right equipment to do it: You do not need to wait for a car with a battery similar to yours or risk your car's electric system because the poor quality of wires used to make your battery jump start. In Saar Shani Towing we have the best equipment to help you quickly and efficiently, regardless of the characteristics of your vehicle. Just dial our number, we'll reach you in no time, and we'll jump start your battery on a whim.

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