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Towing Services in Thousand Oaks | We Will Be There Quickly To Assist You

Thousand Oaks is the second-largest city in Ventura County, California, United States. It is in the northwestern part of Greater Los Angeles, approximately 35 miles (56 km) from Downtown Los Angeles and is less than 15 mi (24 km) from the Los Angeles city neighborhood of Woodland Hills. It was named after the many oak trees that grow in the area, and the city seal is adorned with an oak. (

Having a towing service near you in Thousand Oaks is a huge advantage, especially when it comes to professionals like Saar Shani. If you are a resident or nearby areas, you need to keep the number of our company among your emergency contacts. We are the best roadside assistance company among the few in the area, because we are capable of providing you with comprehensive support in the event of any emergency related to your vehicle.

Reasons To Call Us:

Honesty: Many roadside assistance companies can take advantage of the emergency situation and make surprise charges once they have reached their destination or after providing a service. We will give you an accurate quote and/or offer a clear price list, so you will know exactly how much to pay.


24-hour availability: It doesn't matter where you are or when you need us. Just call, and we'll go wherever you are to help. Holidays, weekends, in the middle of the night: we are there for you.


More than just towing: At Saar Shani we pride ourselves on providing integral support to the driver in emergency situations, for which we are able to provide a large number of services on the spot. We can tow your car, but we can do more than that.


Top Speed: If you are in Thousand Oaks and require a roadside assistance, do not hesitate to call Saar Shani, who will go wherever you are in the shortest possible time. Without waiting lists or uncertainties, you call, and we go.

Our Services in Thousand Oaks:

We strive to offer a comprehensive service in emergency situations, so our professionals are prepared to solve minor mechanical problems, such as jump starting a battery, changing a flat tire, car lockouts and so much more. Do not hesitate to call us if you are looking for:


Towing: If you need to move your vehicle from one place to another within the locality or long distances, either by a more serious mechanical breakdown or for other reasons. It does not matter if you have a sedan-type car or a large truck, our drivers can provide local and heavy duty towing services.

Battery Jump start: If your car battery has been discharged because the lights have been left on the whole night or because there is something wrong with the battery itself, we have the equipment and professionals to jump start your battery in a heartbeat.

Car Locksmith: If you have lost your car keys, transponder key has run out of battery or the kids left the keys locked in the trunk, Saar Shani has professionals locksmiths, able to open the door of your car and take care of most of car locksmith emergencies.

Tire change: Either because you do not have a spare tire, don't know how to change it by yourself or just got a flat tire in the middle of a highway, in Saar Shani we can change your flat tire in minutes.

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