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Towing West Hollywood | 24/7 | Roadside Assistance Services by Saar Shani

With an active, diverse, warm and modern community. In West Hollywood, you will find all kinds of people living in a beautiful, vibrant place with a comfortable climate, surrounded by art, nature and a particular lifestyle, oriented to self-care.

Although is an ideal city for pedestrians, if you have a car you will need to have real allies, who can offer a helping hand in case of emergency. Stop looking; save the number of Saar Shani.

Our Services:

We know that you need to have the confidence of having real professionals supporting you in those car-related emergencies, who are capable of facing any eventuality. We are fast, efficient and honest. You need to call our emergency number 888-838-3570, and you will have a technician ready to provide these services:

Battery Jump Start: Is your battery dead? Our technicians can jump-start it safely. Calling us is faster than waiting for someone to help you or calling a friend. We will arrive in a heartbeat.


Towing in West Hollywood: If your car has an extensive mechanical failure, accident or for whatever reason, you can count on us to move it to where you indicate. We can handle any car make and model, including heavy-duty. We do local and long distance towing as well.

Towing & Roadside Assistance Service Van Nuys

Flat Tires: Changing a flat tire can be a simple task, but if you are in the middle of nowhere or on the highway, it can be dangerous to do it by yourself. It is better to call an expert who will take care of the problem in record time. 


Roadside Assistance in West Hollywood: Cars can suffer minor mechanical damage that can leave you stranded at the edge of the road. In these cases, you can call Saar Shani Services and have an expert by your side who will be able to solve small mechanical defects and get you on the road in no time.


Gas Delivery: Running out of gas in the middle of nowhere is a more common occurrence than you think. Do not be afraid, with just one call you can contact us and we will get you enough fuel so you can get to the nearest service station.

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