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How To Get Free Roadside Assistance (Few Ideas)

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Free roadside assistance service may be accomplished by: 511 Caltrans, AAA, insurance providers, auto makers, credit card companies, wireless service providers, auto clubs. For more info, read my post:

When there is an emergency, and you need roadside assistance that may ruin your entire day. You will be late for work, school, or an important meeting. But even worst, is when you are low on budget and can't afford the service. We came up with a few ideas on how you can save money or maybe even get free roadside assistance.

1. If you are experiencing a breakdown on one of the freeways in Los Angeles, you can call 511 to reach Caltrans. Caltrans can assist you with basic roadside services such as tire change, or they can tow you off the freeway to the first exit to keep you safe - for FREE.

Caltrans are managing the freeways and highways for over 50,000 miles of California. They are responsible for repairs, improvements, and also helping stranded motorists. When calling 511, say "motorists aid," and you will be transferred to the emergency department. Again, they will help you only in an emergency, and with basic assistance, don't expect the drivers to change your battery or do any car repairs.

2. Check with one of your family members or friends if they have AAA membership. Some of the AAA plans are requiring the owner of the account to be with the stranded vehicle, and other plans not. This means if one of them is having the premium plan, they can call for a tow truck and provide a different name. Triple-A can help with tows up to 100 miles, tire changes, battery jumps, and replacements, car lockouts, and more. So it's worth making a few phone calls to make sure. There are other roadside assistance companies who may work with the same concept, check out: Good Sam Roadside Assistance, Paragon Motor Club, AARP.

3. If you have full coverage insurance and your car's year is at least 2007 or 2008, then you may be covered for basic roadside assistance services. If not, you may have partial coverage of half of the price. Members of Geico, All-State, State Farm may enjoy these benefits.

4. Some automakers are providing free or discounted roadside services for their owners (or leasers). For example, Mercedes Benz's new models have the "emergency SOS" red button. If you press it, you will reach their emergency department, and they will be able to help.

5. Credit Card companies like American Express and Bank Of America are offering roadside assistance. Their services or towing mileage may be limited, which is still better than nothing. So if you carry one of these cards, it's worth giving them a call or checking their website for benefits.

6. Wireless Companies: As far as today, I'm not aware of free roadside assistance from wireless companies. But, they do have some great deals that you can afford even on a low budget. Try AT&T and Sprint

Some of the mentioned above may not offer a free roadside service if you are not a member for a required time frame and may not have the benefit of a free service, but you can still get a major discount which is great!

Anyways, if none of the above are relevant to you, here, at Saar Shani Towing, we have the most competitive prices according to the market. We can help you with all the towing and roadside assistance services in Los Angeles.

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, call us at 888-838-3570 - We will be happy to assist.

Free roadside assistance
Free roadside assistance

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