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What do I do if my car has been towed in Los Angeles?

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

You parked your car on the meter for 5 minutes to get your iced caramel latte with almond milk from the local Starbucks. You are coming back and realizing that your lovely car is not there anymore! Usually, the first thought is that it got stolen, but after another 10 seconds, you realize that you didn't read the sign up there saying "NO PARKING - TOW ZONE" and your car got towed by the city.

Don't panic! Yes, it will cost a little more than your coffee to find and release your car, but remember, the faster you find it, the cheaper it will cost you. Plan to pay at least $300, which is for the towing fee, release fee, and the parking ticket.

In order to find your towed car the fastest way to read the next options:

Under the parking restriction sign, there is a phone number on the bottom (it can be a three-digit number).

You can use this website to try to locate your vehicle by the license plate or VIN number.Contact the city hotline 3-1-1Here is the list of Los Angeles tow garages where you may find your car View Los Angeles police garages map

7th Street Garage

tel: (310) 856-1981

Absolute Towing

tel: (323) 225-9294

Al's Tow

tel: (323) 778-4903

Archer's Tow

tel: (818) 982-1464


tel: (323) 342-0342

Black & White Garage

tel: (818) 896-9511

Bruffy's Tow

tel: (310) 395-0084

Hollywood Tow

tel: (323) 466-5421

Howard Sommers Tow

tel: (818) 884-5600

Kelmark Tow

tel: (323) 779-3202

Keystone Tow

tel: (818) 782-1996


tel: (310) 518-7100

Quicksilver Tow

tel: (310) 478-1201

Ross Baker Tow

tel: (818) 886-7411

S & J Tow

tel: (323) 734-3137

Swanny Mac Tow

tel: (323) 733-6898

U S Tow

tel: (213) 749-7100

Viertels Towing

tel: (213) 687-1003

To release your car, you will need to provide a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, and current vehicle registration.

For towing and storage rates for official Police garages, click here.

Reasons a car may get towed:

Parked in a tow zone Illegally

parked blocking traffic

Blocking fire hydrant

Multiple unpaid traffic tickets

Expired registration

Blocking handicap ramp

Be safe :)

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