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Should I Pull Over?: The Top Signs You Need Roadside Assistance in Los Angeles

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

The Top Signs You Need Roadside Assistance in Los Angeles

Do you need roadside assistance in Los Angeles? Should you pull your car over? Read on to learn the top signs you need roadside assistance.

While cars are some of the most reliable forms of transportation across the globe, they are comprised of many moving parts which deteriorate over time.

The day-in and day-out efficiency of your vehicle makes it easy to forget that your car is a piece of machinery that has bad days too! 

So aside from routine maintenance and a little TLC every now and then, it's important to listen to your car and pull over when need be. 

Here are 10 instances you may need to call roadside assistance in Los Angeles...

When to Stop Your Car and Call Roadside Assistance in Los Angeles 

Whether you commute for work or run a number of errands throughout the day, you'll know all about Los Angeles traffic and how it can take a toll on your car.

Many drivers tend to take their beloved set of wheels of for granted, choosing to ignore unusual sounds or flashing lights on the dash. This is one of the worst things you can do for your car. 

Whether or not you're attuned to the workings of your car or the rules of the road, here's when you should always pull out of traffic and stop! 

1. Flashing Lights Behind You 

If you see flashing lights of any kind directly behind you, you'll need to pull over, no matter what. This means your vehicle is being flagged down by either an emergency vehicle or the police.

Bring your car to a complete stop in the emergency lane and always remain inside your vehicle, unless instructed otherwise. And just remember, this doesn't always mean you've done something illegal! It could simply be an officer or emergency vehicle offering help. 

2. Flames or Smoke From the Hood 

If you see a trail of smoke coming from under your hood, or flames for that matter, pull your car over and stop immediately. Remove any children and belongings from the car and stand a safe distance away from your vehicle.

Remember to turn off your engine as soon as you stop and remove the keys from the ignition before you exit. Call roadside assistance as soon as you can for help. 

3. Erratic Handling 

If your car suddenly begins to swerve or the steering wheel begins to shake or vibrate uncontrollably, it's best to pull over as soon as you can and stop your car. 

While there could be a number of issues at play, this is a sign of potential wheel misalignment or a tire that is about to burst or, worse, fall off. 

Instead of trying to control the vehicle, rather pull over and call roadside assistance. 

4. Loud, Unusual Noises 

As soon as you hear any unusual noises such as a loud bang, scraping, screeching or grinding coming from your call, pull over at once. This unusual noise could be coming from just about anything- but it's best to play it safe.

A loud, unusual noise could point to engine trouble, a failing fan belt or you could also be dragging something under your car. It's best to stop and inspect the situation.

5. Poor or Impaired Visibility

If the conditions you're driving in make it impossible to see clearly through your windscreen, it's best to pull over and wait it out. Impaired visibility is extremely dangerous- no matter how good your eyesight is. 

Whether its dense fog, heavy rain, or smoke, rather play it safe and wait for visibility to improve.

6. Flashing Indicator Lights 

These lights are primarily your temperature gauge and oil lights which point to issues with your oil pressure or temperature of your engine. 

If either of these lights begin to flash while you're driving, it's best to pull over before causing more harm. If your oil pressure drops too low, your car could stall in the middle of a busy highway. Worse still, if your engine overheats your head gaskets could blow and damage engine cylinders.

All in all, this equates to a very expensive repair job, so it's best to pull over and call for assistance. 

7. Steam Inside Your Car 

If your car begins to fill up with steam, don't panic. Simply slow down and move over into the emergency lane and turn off your vehicle. 

This is a sign that coolant is leaking into your cooling system and filtering inside your car. The amount of steam leakage will determine how serious the issue really is, but it's important to pull over nonetheless.

You'll need to call out a roadside professional to assist and assess the damage. 

8. Overwhelming Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue is all-too-common in many drivers across the globe, not just Los Angeles. Long commutes to and from work, stress, lack of sleep etc. all add to driver fatigue. 

But if your sense of fatigue feels completely overwhelming and unmanageable, it's time to pull over. Even if your music is blaring but you can't keep your eyes open, this is a major sign of danger and falling asleep at the wheel.

Avoid the risk of an accident or tragedy and make sure to stop and take a rest if needs be.  

9. Driver Distractions 

We get it, life is hectic and sometimes it feels like there's far too much to juggle. But juggling acts are for the circus, not your vehicle. If you're driving with too many distractions, pull over and sort out the situation.

This includes screaming children, an anxious pet in the back seat, talking or texting on your cellphone (a major no-no!), eating etc. 

Don't risk it, rather just pull over, settle the chaos then keep on driving.

10. Unusual Smells 

All cars have their own smell, and for most of us, this smell has become familiar. But if you notice an unusual, sour, or putrid smell - this is the time to pull over and investigate. 

This could be a sign that something that has potentially crawled into your engine or the inside of your car and possibly died. Make sure to check under your hood first, then your trunk and the inside of your car, under your seats.

Looking for Professional Towing in Los Angeles?

If you're ever caught in a roadside pickle, whether it's a simple tire change or tow, Saar Shani Towing is your go-to for roadside assistance in Los Angeles.

Check out our Saar Shani roadside assistance plans to sign up for reliable cover when you need it most! 

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