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Help On the Road: How to Choose the Best Roadside Assistance Company in Los Angeles

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

How to Choose the Best Roadside Assistance Company in Los Angeles

Do you need to hire a roadside assistance company in Los Angeles? If so, read this guide to learn how to pick the best one.

Roadside Assistance

Have you ever had a car breakdown or emergency in the middle of the highway? Who did you contact to get you out of the crisis? While car breakdowns occur often, you need to have more than a spare tire to handle them.

The telephone number of a roadside assistance company is what you need to survive this situation.

Finding a roadside assistance company that’s responsive to your needs should be difficult. Here are some of the factors to guide you in your pursuit.

1. How Often Do You Want to Use the Roadside Assistance Service?

Most tow truck towing companies would give you an option of seeking their services multiple times. This means that they'll always respond to your requests regardless of the time or day.

Some companies may demand that you sign up for a membership plan. It will be a better idea if you seek urgent roadside assistance only when you need it.

Membership plans usually limit you to a specific number of service requests. The service provider will expect you to pay once you exceed the demands.

For a company with no monthly premiums, you’ll get unlimited towing and jumpstart services. Note that you’ll be paying for each service separately.

2. Is the Company Easy to Reach and Responsive?

The roadside assistance Los Angeles company should have a toll-free telephone number for receiving clients' requests. An Android or iOS app can come handy in this context too.

When in need of the service, the app or toll-free number should allow you to reach the provider.

The company’s mobile app should use your phone’s GPS feature to give your actual location. The towing expert will find it easy to reach you when your location information is shared.

Read testimonials on a company’s website to determine whether they’re responsive. Information about a company published on review sites can help too.

3. How Far Can the Technician Tow Your Car?

Refer to the company’s website to find out the areas and mileage covered. Include this information in your checklist before signing up for any roadside assistance program. Some service providers can tow your vehicle as far as 100 miles.

Ensure that the towing services cover your area of residence and the other regions you like visiting.

Consider seeking urgent help from a company that's located a few miles from where you’re stuck. You won’t have to be stranded on the road alone if you choose a service provider based near you.

4. What Do Other Customers Say About the Service Provider?

The Better Business Bureau is a great place to check for customer complaints against a firm. You can visit other online sites for the same. Consider searching the firm’s name online with terms like "complaints" and "reviews."

Past customer complaints can give you an overview of the company's service quality. Avoid transacting with technicians that receive complaints about making their clients wait for too long.

Don’t work with those that fail to show up or have a history of damaging customers’ cars while towing.

5. How Much Does the Towing Cost?

Towing services can seem costly if you don’t choose them wisely or budget for them. What is roadside assistance? Most car owners believe that towing involves only moving a car from one place to the other.

Roadside assistance in Los Angeles services may include tire change, wheel lift, and jumpstart.

You can request for a battery replacement, gas delivery or winch out as part of the assistance. The cost of these services will vary with the technician and the state of your car. Your location will matter if you want to have your vehicle towed.

6. Does the Company Offer Any Specials?

A roadside assistance program can likely offer you discounts on special occasions. Such occasions may include holidays, the first day of a particular month or Black Friday.

The offers allow you to get the roadside help at a lower price than usual. The provider may give you a coupon if you invite a friend or relative to seek the service.

Either way, strive to be savvy about these offers. Be tactful when making price negotiations to settle for the best deal.

7. What Licenses or Certification Does the Provider Have?

One of the licenses a roadside assistance company should have is a business license. In Los Angeles, this license is usually issued by the County Government of Los Angeles.

The permit helps ascertain that a business is operating in compliance with the County health or safety rules.

You can ask the service provider for other professional certifications. The certificates may indicate membership to a professional association or labor union.

Use them to determine the credibility of a company before making any service requests.

8. Does the Company Offer Locksmith or Lockout Services?

Locksmith and lockout services come handy when you can’t gain entry into your car. Lockout assistance is usually offered by the roadside service provider.

Expect the technician to use a long reach tool or a pump wedge to unlock your car’s door. This activity should occur without compromising your vehicle’s safety features or your overall safety.

A locksmith service, on the other hand, is administered by a locksmith. Such a service is a bit technical than the lockout one.

Most roadside assistance companies partner with locksmiths in situations where a car’s door is inaccessible.

Allow Us to Give You the Best Roadside Assistance

Your chances of getting to your desired location during a car breakdown depend on the kind of help sought. Enlisting a roadside assistance company during such a situation is a great idea. The company should guarantee you peace of mind and excellent service delivery.

Our company is reputable for serving motorists across Los Angeles with prompt roadside assistance services.

We can offer you solutions like transportation, jump start, vehicle recovery, tire change, and lockout. Our services cut across heavy-duty vehicles, motorcycles, R.Vs, and limousines too.

Check out our services page to find out more about these services.

Help on the road
Help on the road

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