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Covid-19 Unemployment: Seven Tech Skills You Must Learn to Get a Job

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has hit businesses hard. Because of the lock-down, the work environment changed, and new strategies were required. Nowadays, employers are leaning on remote workers to move forward and survive. Because of new employers' demands, jobless people are struggling to get hired.

During Covid-19, many have learned new tech skills to adapt. But, when there's a lot of uncertainty, it's hard to move in the right direction. If you're looking for a guide to meet employers' needs, here are seven tech skills you must learn to get a job. They'll help you to stay in the competition and be ready to overcome future challenges.


As days pass, WordPress is gaining more ground, and the demand for skilled candidates is increasing. Today, WordPress powers more than 30 percent of the web, and with its fantastic plugins, it's helping developers to build websites in less time.

Customers' expectations are higher, and they are now more concerned about the experience they have. Customers are attracted to visually appealing designs. But, if the experience they have is awful, they'll stop using the product.

For example, imagine visiting a website and waiting about 15 minutes for the website to load. Because of the awful website's performance, its traffic will decrease. On the other hand, if the site runs smoothly and is very dynamic, users will feel engaged.

By using WordPress themes, developers can design fantastic websites within minutes. As they don't need to start from scratch, they can focus on more important things. WordPress is an excellent tool for beginners. You don't need to learn coding skills to make a site using WordPress. Still, learning programming languages will help you design more complicated web apps.

To learn WordPress, you can join Rithm School. It's based in San Francisco, and it's among the best coding boot-camps in the US. Rithm School is dedicated to its students' success. Given that, it allows students to learn in the most hands-on way possible. So, if you want to speak with facts during interviews, enrolling in Rithm School's courses is the right decision to make.

Covid-19 Unemployment: Seven Tech Skills You Must Learn to Get a Job
Covid-19 Unemployment: Seven Tech Skills You Must Learn to Get a Job

Digital Marketing

Using digital channels is one of the best ways to reach customers these days. Because of the high demand, organizations are hunting for candidates with digital marketing skills. For companies, marketing and money are what make the world go round. With a good marketing campaign, organizations can stay at the top of the competition and succeed.

Digital marketers are responsible for improving companies marketing strategies. By using social media apps, SEO/SEM, and websites, they can help organizations reach bigger audiences and increase their brand's recognition.

Digital marketers also play a key role in improving customers' retention strategies. They often use social networks to be more personal with customers and provide better customer service. In the US, a digital marketing manager can make, on average, $102,742 per year. So, if you're thinking about going big, becoming a digital marketer is an excellent way to join the six-figure community.

UX Design

UX designers are responsible for making apps easy to navigate and use. They often work with the customer success department to analyze customers' reports. As a result, they find out what common issues customers have been experiencing and how they can be solved in future designs. For companies, UX designers are essential to meet customers' needs. Today, several companies are making exceptional job offers to attract the most skilled designers on the market.

Enrolling in coding boot camps is one of the best ways to learn UX design skills. Springboard is a coding school that allows you to learn from home during isolation. Its online courses are designed to meet students' needs and help them stand out from the competition. Springboard's UX design flex course provides students with a high-quality curriculum and one-on-one mentorships. Springboard's learning-by-doing teaching method allows you to build a portfolio to show during interviews.


Python is an exceptional programming tool for analyzing, visualizing, and interpreting data. It has become very popular these days, and tech professionals like data scientists use it to create better insights.

Data scientists are responsible for creating actionable insights to help organizations make better business decisions. In data science, learning Python is a need. As it's quite handy for implementing machine learning algorithms, it can help professionals provide better results in less time.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are disrupting every industry as days pass. If you're looking to get a new job, you should enroll in Flatiron School's coding boot-camp. The company allows students to learn in-demand programming skills and core statistics skills to make employers' feel engaged.


Mobile devices are now everywhere. Smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets are part of our everyday lives. And by using mobile devices, doing your duties is much more comfortable. Java is an object-oriented programming tool that's great for cross-platform solutions. Since companies collect data from every Internet-connected device, learning Java will help you land a new job.

General Assembly is a vocational school that allows you to become a mobile developer in only a few months. The company enables students to choose between an Android and an iOS development course. However, no matter what you decide, you'll still learn from the best. With their programs, students will build mobile apps in real-time to develop their skills and learn fundamental knowledge.

Cloud Computing

Cloud services provide companies with data security and accessibility. For that reason, more companies are moving to the cloud as days pass. Also, by using cloud services, companies can save money on office rent. Physical infrastructure to store data is no longer required, and companies can reduce the workspace.

Amazon is among the best cloud providers, and learning AWS skills is a good way to become an attractive candidate. By providing machine learning features, AWS allows tech experts to save time on data analysis and create better insights. It's beneficial for organizations because they can stay relevant and innovate the market.

Coding Dojo offers different courses where you can learn AWS skills. At Coding Dojo, you'll receive support from instructors in real-time. And by spending 20 hours per week on learning, you can become a self-sufficient developer in only four months.

Data Visualization

For many people, understanding data can be difficult without a visual representation. Data visualization is what allows professionals to create visually appealing charts and graphs. It's very useful to help business owners understand results easily.

Learning data visualization is key to stand out from the competition. Today, tech professionals deal with large pools of data, and without data visualization skills, the job can be more challenging.


The pandemic has been indeed a difficult situation for companies and employees. But, It only has made the digital transition accelerate its pace. Because of the talent shortage, the need for tech skills will continue to increase. And if you want to get hired, you must adapt. Learning these tech skills will allow you not only to meet customers' demands but to thrive during Covid-19.

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