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5 Best Body Shops in Los Angeles

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

There are many ways to evaluate and compare services from different body shops in order to choose the most convenient for your needs and budget. It can take some time, but the best route is reading online reviews or just ask for recommendations from your insurance provider, or friends and family.

If you want to find the best Body Shop in Los Angeles repair your car after a collision and do not have extra time (or patience) to read hundreds of reviews and web pages to find an affordable and efficient shop, don't worry, we spent weeks and have done all the hard work for you.

We have chosen the best 5 Body Shops in the Los Angeles area. Here you will find where they work, those aspects that make them different (extracted directly from the opinions of their clients) and all services they offer. That way, you can make an informed choice among the best of the best. Keep reading and find the Best Body Shops in Los Angeles. (1. Koester Automotive 2.Howard Brown & Sons Auto Body Shop 3. Columbia Auto Body 4. Pico Auto Center 5.Mike's Auto Repair & Body Center)

1. Koester Automotive and collision center

When you are in the middle of an emergency, all you need is the piece of mind that could bring being able to leave your problem in the right hands: a team of people who are capable of offering an efficient service. That is achieved only through experience. Koester has over two decades offering its repair shop services in the Sherman Oaks.

Koester Automotive an Collision Center is distinguished precisely by its level of technical expertise, direct and personalized treatment, in addition to offering competitive rates and minimum repair times.

Areas Served

Sherman Oaks, Encino, Studio City, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, Valley Village, Sun Valley, the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas

What makes Koester different?

- Personalized attention: Almost all customers remember Ben pleasantly, how kind he is and how he can explain to every client everything that is happening with their car and the options to repair it.

- Attention to detail: There are several stories of totaled cars that were restored to perfect conditions. Better than their first day.

- Fair prices: The vast majority of people confirm that rates are appropriate for each service.

- They work directly with the insurance companies: in the case of collisions, they take care of everything related to car insurance.

- Reliable: Many clients say they saved a lot of money thanks to the experience and honesty of this body shop. The repairs have been precise, honest and lasting.

- Integrity: There are customers who have been dissatisfied with the experience, so they have been issued with a full refund, without conditions. Koester's goal is customer satisfaction and the best service

What can they do for you?

Koester Automotive and Collision Center can do everything to leave your car in perfect condition. One of the significant advantages is that they have a space where they gather technical equipment and specialists to attend any problem.

Some of its services are:

Collision repair services: Got a totaled car? Koester Automotive an Collision Center can repair it and return you a car that looks and works as if it had left the factory. Among its services are:

- Paint and body services: Impeccable finishes, they will leave your perfect car even after a terrible collision.

- Free estimates: Koester Automotive an Collision Center offers completely free quotes that will allow you to compare your prices and choose the one that suits you.

- Insurance Management: Koester auto center can deal directly with the insurance company.

- Accident Towing: Koester Automotive and Collision Center will tow your car from the accident site, dealing directly with the insurance company and taking care of making the necessary repairs.

Auto repair: Koester automotive has the facilities and personnel necessary to handle any problem related to your vehicle, regardless of your make or model. Some of its auto repair services:

Air Conditioning service: If you can't turn on the A/C, have a strange noise or cool less, we are sure that you can diagnose and solve any problem related to the cooling system of your car.

Engine light service: If there is something that makes you anxious, it is that red alert that blinking on your front panel. At Koester Automotive an Collision Center you will be able to make a comprehensive review and an accurate and honest diagnosis.

Transmission and brake service: Two of the most important systems of your vehicle and responsible for your safety.

Oil change: The carry all filters and oil for any brand and model. They can do the service in a matter of minutes.

General maintenance or Tune Up: all the cars need a periodic review and certain basic services, which extend the useful life of the vehicle and keep it in perfect condition.

Battery service: Changes, repairs, and maintenance

Tire service: Rotation, balancing, changes and repairs.

Engine service: Maintenance, diagnostics, and repairs, made with the best quality engine parts

They also have services for power steering, radiator and cooling system, electrical system, starter, among others.

Address: 15315 Dickens St, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Tel: (818) 986-7376




Best 5 Body Shops in Los Angeles
Best 5 Body Shops in Los Angeles

2. Howard Brown & Sons Auto Body Shop

If you have a luxury car, you'd know that any paint repair job, any minor scratch or dent will cost an arm and a leg, unless you go to Howard Brown & Sons Auto Body Paint. Although they are capable of attending any type of car, regardless of brand or model, they are specialists in BMW and other luxury European vehicles. They're the best option for body shop works on your luxury car.

Areas Served: The greater Los Angeles Area

What makes them different?

- Free estimates: You can visit Howard Brown & Sons, and their experts will offer a free estimate in the place, although it is possible to request a detailed estimate, with explanations of each part, hours of labors with fair prices.

- They work with all the insurance companies; in fact, if you have a BMW, it is possible to be directed to them by your own insurance company. In case of accidents, they can deal directly with the companies and meet all their requirements.

- Personalized attention: They have a friendly, helpful and professional staff, who will guide you through the repair and maintenance process. No matter who is going to be your technician, everyone is trained to offer a perfect and honest service.

- They offer affordable alternatives: repairing a BMW is expensive; however, Howard Brown & Sons Auto Body Paint staff is ready to offer affordable alternatives that can make your car look decent while waiting to do the full repair.

- Excellent Workmanship: Attention to details, original pieces and more than 4 decades of experience translate into perfect results and happy customers.

- They use Glasurit 90 Line Waterborne base coat, lacquer, and paint. This high-quality paint guarantees ideal color match and durability.

- They go beyond their duty: Many people in town claimed that Howard Brown & Sons Auto Body Paint repaired scratches and small marks that were not included in the original estimate, completely free of charge to ensure the perfect and impeccable finish of the car after doing major repairs.

- Honesty and good will: They are able to do small services and simple repairs free (When doing other major repair) of charge, just to help their clients and do not make any charge because it has been easy for them. They do not take advantage of situations, and this makes people trust them and appreciate their services.

What can they do for you?

Howard Brown & Sons Auto Body Paint specializes in BMW and other European vehicles repairs, but they can work in any brand. Their services include, but are not limited to collision repair services and paint and body repair services. They also have emergency town services. You won't find a better place to trust your BMW. They offer a quick, honest and quality service for fair rates.

Address: 11758 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Tel: (310) 477-3934




3. Columbia Auto Body

Nobody wants to be involved in a car accident or a collision, but if it happens to you, it is essential to have the support of an honest business like Columbia Auto Body. With more than three decades of experience, they have a fully equipped and high-quality collision repair facility. Their staff is ASE and I-Car certified, so you can be sure that your vehicle cannot be in better hands. Columbia Auto Body can look like a small place, but they're ready to offer a great service for the best rates.

Areas Served: Los Angeles

What makes them different?

- Detailing and quality check: They make sure to test and review every detail of the car before delivering it, to be sure it's just perfect.

- Honesty: If there are cheaper parts or work time is reduced, they'll reduce the amount of the original estimate. They'll show you all receipts for all the parts they'd buy from original dealers.

- Excellent communication: Columbia Auto Body

will explain each and every one of the charges, the repairs they will make, and offer you alternatives, delivery times and any change or issue that may arise during the repair.

- Excellent customer service: Columbia Auto Body is a small family business, attended directly by Paul and John, who will do everything possible to repair your vehicle.

- Speed: All jobs are done in record time.

- They work with all the insurance companies

What can they do for you?

Columbia Auto Body offers collision and accident repairs services. It doesn't matter if your car is totaled or it just has a few scratches; they'll make their best in order to return a car looking better than ever. They will use all the technology and resources at their disposal to offer a seamless result. You can trust Colombia Auto Body; they have the experience and tools necessary to guarantee an impeccable, quality work that will leave your car as if it had just left the agency.

To top it off, they offer a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty includes the collision workmanship and materials against defects, paint repair against defects in material or workmanship, also mechanical repairs for a period of one year from the date of repair.

Columbia Auto Body Shop offers other complementary services:

- Towing: Columbia Auto Body offers emergency flatbed tow service from the accident area to its facilities.

- Car Rental: Put your car in the best hands and leave driving a rental car. At Columbia auto Body they will take care of all the arrangements.

- Glass services: They will replace any windshield, back glass or door glass in your vehicle. They work with high-quality parts.

- Upholstery: Your car will look perfect inside and out. If the upholstery of your car is torn, stained or worn, they can repair it.

Address: 1567 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

Phone: (323) 258-0565



4. Pico Auto Center

Simple and honest, Pico auto center offers the experience of two decades of operation on Pico Boulevard. The owners, Armen and Raymond, are mechanics who have combined their passion and dedication for cars to create this mechanical workshop, where they will make sure to treat your car as if it were their own. They strive to do an impeccable job, always offering the best prices in the market.

Area served: Los Angeles

What makes them different?

- The best prices in LA: Many reviews say that Pico Auto Center has offered them the best quotes in the area and you won't find a better deal.

- They go the extra mile: Each service includes a free car wash. They are not afraid to extend their services to guarantee the happiness and satisfaction of their clients.

- Pico Auto Center can deal with any challenge: It does not matter if your car is an old model or a luxury car, with Pico Auto center your vehicle will be treated with the same quality of service and dedication to obtain impeccable results.

- Comprehensive Services: Body and mechanic shop. They can take care of any problem in your vehicle, from that pesky little red engine light to an upholstery replacement.

What can they do for you?

- Integral services: Pico Auto center is both an auto mechanic shop and a body shop.

- They can deal with all types of mechanical issues. Their mechanics have the experience and knowledge necessary to diagnose and repair any problem.

- The can fix all cars: Foreign and domestic automobiles.

- Tune-ups: Maintenance services and general diagnosis. They keep your vehicle in perfect condition and extend its useful life.

- All services: Pico Auto can check and repair brakes, transmission, clutch, overheating problems and any other inconvenience that your vehicle may present.

Phone: (310) 273-8596

Address: 8635 W Pico Blvd Ste 1 Los Angeles, CA 90035


Mike's Auto Repair & Body Center

More than twenty years of service can turn a person into an expert in their area. That is precisely what has happened with Edi Alkansian, who has directed Mike's Auto Repair & Body Center for two decades and has become a must, a living reference when talking about comprehensive service, personalized customer service, honesty, and efficiency. That body shop is the most complete in North Hollywood area and offers excellent services at really competitive and affordable prices.

Area served: North Hollywood, Studio City, Burbank, Sherman Oaks, Sun Valley and the better part of the San Fernando Valley.

What makes them different?

- The best customer service: All the staff is trained to be kind, helpful and attentive.

- Trained Staff: Mike's Auto Repair & Body Center

can diagnose and fix any car problem on a whim. They are as efficient as attentive and experienced. Your car can't be in better hands.

- Best prices: You can find outstanding service and efficient car repairs, but you won't find better services for such affordable and fair rates.

- Trustworthy: They will never charge you extra, they will not take advantage of your possible inexperience, they will not offer you unnecessary extra services. At Mike's Auto Repair & Body Center the goal is to provide a transparent and honest service, you can trust them.

- They can fix everything: Mike's Auto Repair & Body Center

can make a touch-up, basic services, take care of your brakes, and while your car is there, they can fix those scratches on the paint and check your air conditioning. True comprehensive services with trusting and certified experts to pay attention to every detail.

- Fast Service: If it's something simple, they can make it in a few minutes. Don't waste your time; they'll repair your car as soon as possible.

- Smog Check: Mike's Auto Repair & Body Center is one of the few places in the area who can perform only a smog check test.

What can they do for you?

The best thing about Mike's Auto Repair & Body Center is that they are able to offer a true integral service for your vehicle. From the most basic services such as oil changes and general maintenance to emergency care and repair services for cars involved in collisions and other types of accidents. Not only do they offer mechanical repairs, but they also have an auto body shop, which will leave your car impeccable, just out of the agency.

Some of Mike's Auto Repair & Body Center services are:

- General Repairs & Maintenance: Lengthen the life of your vehicle by attending its basic needs.

- Auto Body Services: Minor repairs, collision or totaled cars

- Engine Mechanical & Performance: Diagnosis and repair

- Heating and Air Conditioning: They'll fix any temperature system that has stopped working or with a poor performance.

- Other Services:

- Transmission & Axle

- Steering & Suspension

- Automatic Transmission

- Brakes, Electrical system

- Power Window & Power Door-lock,

- Test Only Smog Check

- Towing: available only per request

Address: 11062 Burbank Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

Phone: (818) 763-7669




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