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3 Best Tire Shops in Los Angeles

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

There are many ways to evaluate and compare services from different tire shops in order to choose the most convenient for your needs and budget. It can take some time, but the best route is reading online reviews or just ask for recommendations from your insurance provider, friends, or family.

If you want to find the best Tire Shop in Los Angeles and do not have extra time (or patience) to read hundreds of reviews and web pages to find an affordable and efficient shop, don't worry, we spent weeks and have done all the hard work for you.

We have chosen the best 3 Tire Shops in the Los Angeles area. Here you will find where they work, those aspects that make them different (extracted directly from the opinions of their clients) and all services they offer. That way, you can make an informed choice among the best of the best. Keep reading and find the Best Tire Shops in Los Angeles.

Your safety depends on your tires, so it is essential to trust only the best ones for everything related to tire repair and replacement.

1. Ten Minute Tire 2. CA Tire 3. LA Tires

1. Ten Minute Tire

Located in Pico Boulevard, Ten Minute tire lives up to their name: they literally can replace a tire within 10 minutes or less. Founded by William Lor in 1986, Ten Minutes Tire Shop is a popular place that can change a bothersome experience as a flat tire into a pleasant and brief moment. The secret of their success goes beyond reasonable prices and quality; it's more about their joyful disposition and the best customer service what makes them shine brightly in a world packed with mean people working in a tire shop.

What makes them different?

Super fast service: when they say that they're going to change your flat tire in just 10 minutes, they mean it. Ten Minutes Tires Shop is proud to offer a service made by experts who can take out a tire and replace it in a couple of minutes.

Real, long-lasting tire repairs: They put patch not plugs on punctured tires. It makes a huge difference. If you have a tire that is punctured by a road nail, Ten Minutes Shop is the best option to get it repair in a few minutes.

Best prices: Just call a few shops and ask for a quote. We guarantee that Ten Minutes Shop are going to have the lowest prices ever in every service.

Best personalized attention: If you can't identify the failure, because the tire is losing air and you don't know what is going on, don't worry. There is a team of tire-experts at Ten Minutes Tire Shop who will take out your tires, are going to check them and tell you what it's going on and what can they make to fix it.

Extra services: They can check air pressure, air leaks, even brake pads and oil. They're approachable, and cheerful people ready to help you with whatever you can need.

Complimentary fruit: we aren't kidding. Ten Minutes Tire Shop gives you a healthy snack while you wait for your new tire . You can munch a banana or an orange while watching a pit crew taking care of your car.

What can they do for you?

Ten Minute Tire Shop can repair your punctured tire in just ten minutes. If the tire can't be repaired, they offer new tires at very competitive prices. Also, Ten Minute Tire Shop offers used tires, but this aren't your typical hand-me-down tires. Every second-hand tire has been through an extensive inspection in order to guarantee that they can last at least another 5000 to 10,000 miles. You'll get great quality for very little money.

There are a few good services that can make your experience even more complete. In this shop, you can check your brakes, change motor oil and make front end alignments. And there's more! You can get some free checks: oil, brake pads, and tires. They're truly committed to offer the best service ever.

Address: 5150 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019




2. CA Tire

If there is something that distinguishes CA Tire from other tire shops is the tradition. They are a family business that began operating in 1993 and has managed to maintain the same quality of service, accumulating experience and putting it into practice to attract more and more satisfied customers.

What makes them different?

Excellent prices: The lowest prices in Los Angeles. Call and compare, you won't be able to find a better rate.

Friendly and personalized attention: This is a pop&son shop. They take pride in their customer service. Everybody is friendly, attentive and kind.

Efficient and fast: They can repair and/or change your tires quickly.

Free pressure check: After the repair, they'll check the tire pressure and will fill them if needed.

They carry unique wheels and tires: Car enthusiast? Here's your tire shop! At CA Tire you'll find a broad set of tires and wheels and expert staff who knows what are you talking about. They can order your special set of wheels/tires, and you'll get them in 24 hours and installed in a few minutes.

Bilingual service: They're located in Korea Town and can provide services in 4 different languages.

Careful and detail-attentive: They know that you love your car, so they'll be cautious and detail-attentive. If you order a new pair of fancy wheels, they'll be sure to install it according to the manuals. They won't suffer a minimal scratch.

What can they do for you?

CA Tires offers the typical services of a tire shop: Tire repairs, patches and plugs, tire changes, among others. What makes them different is that they work with major brand products. They carry brands like Hankook, Kumho, Continental, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Michelin, and Toyo. At CA Tires you'll find wheels from the best brands: Enkei, Volk rays, Advans, Kx, Method, and many more.

Address: 3355 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019



3. LA Tires

LA Tires takes us back in time when businesses were familiar and proud of their work. You'll find a tire shop able to fulfill all your tire - related requirements but with all the old-school philosophy about customer care and attention. They have been around for more than 15 years, and that experience gets translated into an efficient, attentive and fast tire service, trained staff to work towards customer satisfaction.

What makes them different?

Best customer service: They are fast and attentive. They listen to you and then work on your car like if it's theirs.

Stuck to the quoted price: You can ask a quote through Yelp or phone and they'll stick to it. No surprise charges at the end of work. LA Tires is an honest and transparent business.

Lowest rates: Seriously, you won't find lower prices around. Just to give an example: Plugging a punctured tire will cost you only 8$.

Coupons: Everybody loves a good discount, and you'll get a nice 5$ discount after leaving your Yelp review.

They carry a lot of brands: If you can't find a brand or model, they surely got it in their stock. Call and ask.

What can they do for you?

LA Tires provides an extensive list of services. The most basic are all related to tires: Rotation, balancing, repair and installation. They make tire pressure monitoring service repairing and wheel alignment, but I think the best service offered is the roadside assistance. There's nothing more frightening than having a flat tire in the middle of a highway or when you don't have a spare tire. Don't worry, just call them (or us), and they'll be by your side in no time, then they'll take you to their shop, repair or replace your tire in a few minutes and all that for an honest rate.

Address: 2517 W 8th St Los Angeles, CA 90057

Tel: (323) 493-9621



Tire shops in LA
Tire shops in LA

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